Learning Goals

The Top Goal

Summary Master the Lean Startup's Build-Measure-Learn framework to pursuing a software startup idea. Discover the multiple disciplines that need to come into play in getting a startup off the launchpad.

What I hope you will learn

  • “Lean Startup”
    • Build-Measure-Learn cycle and validated learning
    • MVP: the narrow and broad definition
    • Hypothesis: the concept, and the different types
    • Pivot: what is it and how is it used
    • Growth: Measuring and fostering growth
  • Working in teams
    • How to be an effective team member or leader
    • How to deal with conflict in a team situation
    • Basic familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Build/Measure/Learn
    • How to find and evaluate startup ideas
    • How to rapid prototype: paper prototypes, user experience flows, mockups
    • How to Formulate and test hypotheses
    • How to measure and test and validate your hypotheses
  • Revenue and Growth
    • Business and pricing models concepts and practices
    • Engines of Growth: Different types, how to identify them, how to use them
    • Measuring and Metrics: Importance, application, vanity and actionable
    • Cohort Analysis: what it is, why it’s useful, how to do one
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Doing a basic financial analysis of a possible venture
    • Role of cash in a startup: where it comes from and where it goes
    • Understanding the essence of venture financing, equity and how it is divided up, burn Rate and Runway

What I hope you will be able to do

  • Develop and be comfortable giving a presentation
  • Have the discipline and tools to test and validate a startup idea before going off and implementing it
  • Be confident in attacking a new idea and developing, iterating, and deciding to invest your time and money into it.