Welcome to Term Projects! (Thu Sep 28, lecture 8)

Homework due for today

  1. Read: Read and come with questions about how the term projects will work.
  2. Shark Tank: Watch 1 episode of “Shark Tank”, a TV show about fake venture capitalists. Deliverable: Submit some reactions and reflections. How did the show make you feel? What surprised you? Did it change your mind?
  3. Term Project Ideation: Work with one other student to develop a more detailed product description. You choose a single partner and spend 1+ hours talking and writing. Choose your favorite idea from our list of ideas develop it further and write it up with your partner. (You’re welcome to add a new idea to the list now too.) Your write up should not be longer than 1 page. Each student of the pair will submit the same pdf and will get the same mark for the writeup. Deliverable: More detailed write up of your favorite (so far) term product idea
Points to cover in the product writeup:
  • Product name and a tweet length summary of product
  • Description of the product, the vision, what it does
  • What kind of customer(s) is it for?
  • What “job” does it do for a user or customer(s)?
  • Why you think it’s cool


  • Open discussion on working on projects in teams
  • Clarifying what it means to be on a project
  • Team dynamics is hard. Alignment is hard
  • Start by talking over what product your team wants to pick
  • What is your lattitude around the basic vision?

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