Presentation Day Rehearsal (Tue Oct 23, lecture 13)
All teams give a presentation about their products so far

Homework due for today

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  1. Meet with your teams for at least one hour and prepare for a presentation of your product so far! This is an opportunity to begin building the introduction of your final presentation, and receive thorough feedback from TAs and your classmates. Here are some things to be sure to mention in your pitch. It’s probably a good idea to have some slides. You should plan for a 5 minute presentation, including all the teammates.

    • Introduce yourself and your team
    • Give a brief but clear description of your product
    • Describe the value proposition for the product. What pain does your product address, and why do you believe they will be willing to pay and how?
    • Describe your leap of faith and other hypothesis, how you might validate them, in what order. And if you’ve already gathered some data please present it.
    • What are your next steps to get to your vision?

In class

As teams give us their pitch, everyone else please pay close attention, take notes, and give friendly and constructive feedback to the team presenting. Here are some questions to consider

  • Was the explanation of the product clear and understandable?
  • How was the presentation delivered? Was it clear, simple and understandable?
  • Was the flow of the presentation coherent and logical? Was preparation apparent?
  • How did the presentation come across? Was it interesting, boring, professional?
  • Anything else?