Guest Lecture: Presentations (Tue Oct 24, lecture 14)

Homework due for today

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  1. Reflection: You can find the materials for this homework here. Please take a look at the “HM Preso” powerpoint deck (also provided in pdf for those without ppt). During the class, I will briefly present it and ask for feedback both on the slides and my delivery. Please also take a look at the 2 very short videos. During the class, we will discuss what are the similarities and differences between powerpoint presentations and video presentations. Answer these questions: * What is the best presentation you’ve ever seen (Ted talks, Brandeis lectures, lockeroom speech, political debate, etc)? What made it good? * What is the worst presentation you’ve ever seen ? What made it bad? If you were going to give a presentation to the class, what “persona” would you adopt (funny, satirical, professorial, friendly, etc)? * What are the steps that you go through to create a great presentation? * On a scale of 1-100, how terrified are you to present publicly? * Which audiences are the most terrifying? * How do you see presentations evolving in the coming years? * Deliverable: A brief writeup of your answer to these questions (1/2 page)
  2. New Iteration: Remember to use this Term Project Outline as a rough guide of the things the team should be working on. Continue using Trello to keep track of the stories backlog. Write a brief bulleted Team Retrospective. Team Deliverable: Iteration retrospective

Guest Lecturer

Key Points

  • Bill’s Magic Pitch Outline
    1. The world sucks today
    2. Imagine the world like this instead
    3. Why is this especially possible now?
    4. This is how our product or business will do this
    5. This is how we are going to make money
    6. Why us?
  • Outlining Your Talk Pixar-style

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