Testing Techniques (Thu Oct 26, lecture 15)

Homework due for today

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  1. Read The following articles: * Growing Convertkit to $5,020 in Monthly Recurring Revenue. * Experiment Examples to Get You Started Testing your Idea * Idea to Paying Customers in 7 Weeks: How We Did It * This is an individual assignment. Based on this reading, write up one or two original ideas for MVPs that you think would be really effective for your product. Preferably not a google form. Write it up in a way that you could acually implement it over the coming weekend. Make sure you tie it to a hypothesis that you and your team have prioritized. Deliverable: Brief writeup of your proposed MVP as a pdf submitted to Latte
  2. Review: Look at this cool site that Emad found: Indie Hackers. Poke around it and read 3 projects that interest you. I would like you to tell me what 3 you picked, give a one or two sentence summary of what the product is, and tell me one idea you got from reading it that you might be able to use. Deliverable: Write up answering those questions.


  • Gaining team focus on your product
  • You will need to pick a path (vision) to go test

Goal of Testing

  • “Prove” or “Disprove” a customer, problem or solution hypothesis
  • Hypothesis should be well stated!
  • It should be “falsifiable”

Key Techniques

  1. Online Survey
  2. Person to person conversations/interviews
  3. Build a Landing Page
  4. Social Media, mailing lists etc.
  5. Concierge (totally fake) MVP
  6. Use Facebook and Google Adwords to size the market
  7. Build a very very simnple mockup
  8. Focus Group/Feedback session

Team meetings - 15 minutes

  • If you’ve not yet:
    • Make sure you’ve agreed on at least a 1 hour block to meet each week
    • Have a conversation about expectations around communication, responsiveness to communications, and timeliness to meetings.
  • Retrospective. Discuss, write down, and present
    • What have you achieved so far
    • What is next for you to do THIS week?
    • Are you facing any obstacles that we can help you with?
    • What are your top three hypotheses?

MVP Testing Techniques

  • “Prove” or “Disprove” a customer, problem or solution hypothesis
  • Hypothesis should be well stated!
  • It should be “falsifiable”

Key Techniques

  1. Online Survey
  2. Person to person conversations
  3. Mailing lists, facebook friends, etc.
  4. Build a Landing Page
  5. A/B Testing

Building a landing page

  • What is a Landing Page and how does it fit in here? Why called that?
  • Let’s look at examples:
  • Tips for when you build a landing page for your product:
    • What hypotheses (plural) are you testing?
    • Get your most artistic team member to do the design
    • Choose the words very carefully
    • How are you going to get it distributed widely?
  • Tools: Instapage and Landingi
  • A/B Testing
    • Also known as “split testing”
    • Divide your targets into two (or more sets)
    • Show each of them an alternative version
    • Works best with a feature description, a marketing message, a price and so on.
    • Discussion: For each product team, what are some things that you could test using A/B? Exactly how would you go about it?

Online Survey

  • Designing a good online survey
  • Don’t flood university community with surveys, especially non-students
  • How many questions?
  • Who do you send it to?
  • How many responses would be considered good?

Person to Person interview

  • Make sure they know this is part of a course
  • Make sure they know you care and this is important to you
  • Be very respectful of outsiders’ time. 30 minutes.
  • Always offer to come to them or make a phone call
  • Stick to the time
  • Be grateful and offer to return a favor
  • Give them my name and email in case they have any questions
  • Pito illustrates in Role playing
  • Role playing in pairs

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