Real World Survival Kit (Thu Nov 30, lecture 25)

Homework due for today

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  1. Personal reflection: <p>In this course, you’ve worked on two different teams, the pilot team and the term project team. What was that experience like for you? Here are some questions to stimulate your thought, you don’t need to answer each and every one! How effective were you as a team member? Did you enjoy it? Sometimes people on a team take on different roles by virtue simply of their personality and talents. What role did you take on? Did you like the role? Had you worked in teams before? How was this time different? What did you learn about yourself as part of working on this team? Deliverable: Write up your personal reflection on these and related questions. Submit to Latte as a pdf. [Graded for participation only]</p>

  2. <p>Self and Team Assessments: Write a self and team assessment about you and your teammates work on the team. Please touch on: What each person on your team, including yourself, did on the team and took responsibility for. How reliable and constructive that person was. To what extent did they help the team succeed, was a pleasure to work with.</p>

Give each team member a grade, including yourself, and explain why you think they should get that grade. You might check “grading” under “Contribution to the team” to get an idea what to think about. Your post will be confidential and supplement the instructors’ view on your contribution to your team. Make sure you mention the team members names. Deliverable: Posted on latte as a pdf [graded for participation only]

  1. Read: these articles in preparation for a discussion:
  2. Teams: Meet for at least 2 hours per week! Continue working on Stage 3 of Term Project Outline. Continue refining your product, getting more feedback and supporting information and preparing your Term Project Final Deliverables

General thoughts

  • Survey class
    • Masters vs. Undergrads?
    • Looking for jobs right now (or found one)?
    • Possible Entrepreneurs?
  • Small groups: what did you actually learn: Top 3, in brief
  • Do the Course Evaluations
  • Real world discussion
  • Work on projects

Real World Tips: Cliff Notes

  • LinkedIn. How it works. Why to Join
    • Please join now and connect to me.
    • Lets look someone up.
    • Designing your profile
  • People Networking. How to do it. Why it’s important
    • Karma. What you sow is what you reap
    • The “System”. 6 months. Keep a list.
    • Know why you want to talk; know why you’d be worth talking to
  • Resumes. Some tips
    • Who looks at them, for how long
    • How does hiring process work
    • Type, color, pages, appearance
    • Career goal; Special qualifications
    • Cover letters
  • Interviews. Shome tips.
    • Dress, demeanor:
      • Not what they can do for you; what can you do for them
      • Body Language
      • Enthusiasm
    • Trick questions:
      • “What salary are you looking for?”
      • “Are you a hard worker?”
      • “Whats your greatest weakness?”
  • Companies
    • Key functions. Titles.
    • Risk factors. Runway. Layoffs.
    • Big vs. Small company

Real World Survival Kit. Details and Old