Guest Lecture: Go to market (Tue Nov 20, lecture 21)
Barry Ruditsky on the real world of business, selling, pricing, and going to market

Homework due for today

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  1. Term Project Stage 2 Complete Look at the Term Project Outline and make sure you have completed all the deliverables stated there. Team Deliverable: Term project Stage 2 Deliverable
  2. Read: A good preparation for today’s presentation is this quick guide to sales and marketing for startups: The Guide to Sales and Marketing for Technical Startup People

Guest Lecturer: Barry Ruditsky

Our speaker today is Barry Ruditsky. You can find information about Barry on LinkedIn. You might ask him to link to you on linkedIn as well. Barry worked with me in the company we started, eRoom Technology. Today he is in charge of business development and EMC Corporation.

Barry will explore questions of pricing and business models, partnering, actually going into the market, and related topics.

Barry Ruditsky | LinkedIn

Discussion about this course

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  • Would you recommend it? What would you say students need to do if they want to do well in the course?
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  • What single change would you make to this course to improve it for those who will take it next?

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