Last day converstation (Tue Dec 11, lecture 26)
Discussion, dry runs and practice

To Do

  • Really quickly Fill in Opinion Survey. The purpose is to help us understand your views Do it now please.

  • Final deliverables are due at 11:59:00pm Dec 8th. I realize that the presentation slides might need to change as you practice, so they may be resubmitted if you want to. The deadline for resubmission is midnight the day before presentation day.

  • Remember your Term Project Final Deliverables!

  • How is the preparation going for the final showcase?

  • Open discussion of feedback on how to make the course better

  • Who wants to present their current presentation to the class for feedback?

Everybody! Thanks for your contribution to this course and all your hard work! You can see that you've achieved a lot and learned a lot! And especially thanks to our TAs!