#### The MVP or Minimum Viable Product * "It's not necessarily minimal nor a product nor viable!" * MVP is not a perfectly descriptive term * "An experiment is a product" (From TLS book) * Smallest increment of work that will test a hypothesis * What forms can it take? * Google form/survey * LinkedIn groups * Email to ask for a 20 minute phone call * Kickstarter * Product Hunt * Just a demo (Dropbox) * Mockup (paper prototype) * Concierge * A static web site * A video * A simple free wordpress blog * Pricing scheme * Concierge MVP * Problem description * Solution description * Actual Prototype * The key is that it is *MINIUM!* * MVP is always always related to a hypothesis (or more than one) * Who and where do you show your MVP? * Product Reviews of other products might give you names * Other feedback fora * Think about: where do they congregate? * Who are _they_? * Find a way to observe them * Discussion: Does MVP mean that quality is not important?