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Pilot Project
1Aug 31Welcome!GeneralIntroductions, how the course will run, logistics1) Read PG Article and entrepreneurship article; post to latte 2) Read Learning article. Bring to class your list of behaviors
2Sep 5Lean StartupHypothesesLearn basics of Lean Startup; Begin term product discussion1) Read LS Ch 1,2,3. Submit warmup exercise through Latte; 2) Read about Pilot project. Submit short thoughts in Latte; 3) Read two articles, and post a response to Latte; 4) Look at sample product ideas for inspiration
3Sep 7HypothesesHypothesesHow we use a scientific method to determine product/market fit1) Read LS Ch 4,5. Submit warmup exercise to Latte; 2) Read Buid Measure Learn; 3) Pilot teams meet and begin drafting report
4Sep 12Working on TeamsskillsWe discuss and experience some of the keys to being effective on a team1) Read "Management Time" and write a reflection; 2) Read the Working In Teams page
5Sep 14Minimum Viable ProductHypothesesHypotheses and the Minimum Viable Product1) Read Lean Startup Ch 6, submit warmup questions; 2) Pilot Team Meetings; 3) Read MVP guide; 3) Propose and research one product idea of your own for term project
6Sep 19Guest Lecture: StartingHypothesesGuest Lecture: Getting ideas, figuring out the good idea, ditching the bad1) Pilot projects perform some out of the building experiments; 2) "Read How to start a startup" and answer warmups
7Sep 26Pilot Project ConclusionProjectReview of the Pilot Project reports, and prepare for the term project1) Pilot teams complete Pilot Reports and prepare for presentation
Lean Startup
8Sep 28Welcome to Term Projects!ProjectGetting ready to start the term projects1) Read and understand how term projects work; 2) Watch and comment on episode of Shark Tank, write your reactions in a post on Latte; 3) Write Peer and self assessment for Pilot project ; 4) Develop one of the product ideas further.
9Oct 3Build Measure LearnMVPMore work on the projects. Start looking at metrics.1) Read Lean Startup Chapter 7, complete warmup quiz; 2) Pilot teams meet; 3) Develop one or two good term project Product concepts.
10Oct 10Project PlanningSkillsHow to think about estimation and project planning1) Read LS Chapter 9, do warmups; 2) Read and do estimation homework
11Oct 12Guest Lecturer: Marketing
12Oct 17The PivotMVPThe role of the pivot in Lean Startup1) Read LS Chap 8, do warmup quiz; 2) Read articles, prepare for class discussion; 3) Submit iteration retrospective
13Oct 19Quant and Qual TestingMVPOn the importance of testing your assumption. Scientific method when applied to marketing?1) Compose email question to test a hypothesis; 2) Go out of the building for the first time and report experience.
14Oct 24Guest Lecture: PresentationsSkillsGuest Lecturer Bill Wittenberg shows us why he's among the top tech presenters out there!1) Answer speaker's warmup questions; 2) Iteration retrospective
15Oct 26Testing TechniquesMVPPractical, real world ways of creating and testing MVPs.1) Write up one or two effective MVPs for your product; 2) Answer questions about Indiehackers
16Oct 31Mockups & PrototypesMVPBasics of designing attractive and usable interfaces1) Complete Term Project Stage 1; 2) Read article about clean design, and write up two examples of violations; 3) Design sample of two key screens
17Nov 2The Engine of GrowthRevenueWe conclude looking at the "lean startup" by digging into the engine of growth1) Read Chapter 10 and respond to warmups; 3) Reflection on Lean Startup
18Nov 7Marketing for EntrepreneursRevenueIntroduction to Marketing, some basic concepts and directions1) Reflect on LS approach; 2) Team works on Value Prop Canvas
19Nov 9Guest Lecture: Growth HackingRevenueCase studies in real world growth hacking1) Various readings about growth hacking
20Nov 14Business ModelsRevenueIntro to the business model canvas1) Complete Stage 2, on to Stage 3; 2) Learn the business model canvas apply to your project
21Nov 16Pricing ModelsRevenueDesigning the business modelpublished
22Nov 21Finance for GeeksEntrepreneurshipFundamentals of the financial planTBD
23Nov 23Founding a companyEntrepreneurshipHow does a company get founded?1) Interview a real entrepreneur; 2) Read about compnay founding2) Continue to work on final deliverables
24Nov 28Intellectual PropertyEntrepreneurshipIntro to IP for Software Entrepreneurs1) Read and answer warmups.
25Nov 30Real World Survival KitSkillsInterviewing, Networking, Choosing a career1) Reflection work; 2) Read articles and answer warmups
26Dec 5Last day converstationGeneralDiscussion, dry runs and practice1) Reflection homework