MVP Types

MVPs - How to test

  • “Prove” or “Disprove” a customer, problem or solution hypothesis
  • Hypothesis should be well stated!
  • It should be “falsifiable”

A catalog of approaches to collecting “out of the building” information on the journey to product market fit. Click on the links to learn more about each approach.

Use Ad Tools for metricsFacebook and Google both provide tools that can be used to do quanitative research
Concierge MVPSimulate a product or service "by hand"
Elevator PitchBrief verbal or written summary of proposition
Focus Group FeedbackSmall group open discussion for feedback and ideas
Landing pageA single page web site, used to convey information and measure interest
Online SurveysThe simplest technique of all: an online survey
One on one interviewsOne on one conversations / interviews
Paper PrototypePrototype or mockup of user experience, but on paper
Social media, etc.Sending targeted questions using social media and other lists
Video MVPVideos, screen casts, animations and simulations to explain and get feedback