Pilot Project Conclusion (Tue Oct 2, lecture 7)
Review of the Pilot Project reports, and prepare for the term project; Third round Term project brainstorm

Homework due for today

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  1. Final Pilot Report: Review and finalize your Pilot Project Report with new or refined hypotheses. I’d like to see meaningful set of hypotheses. Identify your leap of faith hypotheses if possible. Try to get each of the other kinds of hypotheses.

    Here are some (useful and less useful) questions that you can think about: Who is the customer? Where can you find one? Where do they hang out? Do they have this problem? What products or services would work best? Does it make sense to limit it to a college? How often should deals be posted or updated? Should students be able to propose deals? Do they want an email alert or an app? Do they want to use messaging? Does the merchant want to collect information abou the customers?

    Try to validate as much as possible outside the building. You can use surveys, but also personal meetings, emails, facebook, searching through newsgroups and any of the other techniques we’ve discussed.

    Look at deliverables defined here: The Pilot Project. Team Deliverable: Finalized pilot project Report, as pdf

  2. PILOT project team and self assessment: Write a brief self and peer assessment based on your experience in Pilot Project. Briefly say something about each team member, by name, including yourself. It will be kept fully confidential. For example, consider:

    • Does the person contribute personally to their team?
    • How many out-of-class team meetings did this person miss?
    • Is the person a positive influence on productivity?
    • Is the person a reliable team member?
    • Do team mates like working with the person?
    • Is the person at the center of problems or of solutions?
    • Comment on the person in the context of the As I see myself
    • Deliverable: CONFIDENTIAL team and self assessment Posted on latte as a pdf


  • Post it note exercise

Review of Lean Startup Concepts (so far)

Bear with me. I am going to go through each one to reinforce, review and clarify.

Social Entrepreneurship

  • What is a Social Business
    • “A copany with a social mission at its core. Set up to solve a specific problemn to the benegit of poor or disadvantaged membvers of society” – Yunus Foundation
  • Found in
    • Start-ups
    • Extensions of non-profits
    • Subsidiaries of companies
    • Other?
  • Examples:
    • Nutrivida - A subsidiary of a major company called Florida Ice & Farm Co. in Costa Rica: the mission was to fight hidden malnutrition
    • Micro Health Initiative - A start-up in Moshi, Tanzania, aiming at providing affordable health care for low income earners
  • Applying Social Entrepreneurship
    • Think of issues the less fortunate face (maybe not yourself)
    • Imagine how your product could impact consumers, but also other businesses (partnerships?)
  • Example idea:
    • “Example idea: “The US public education system prevents children from lower-income backgrounds and racial minorities from accessing equal opportunities for the future. How can a business, or a social business, address this issue?”
  • Questions
    • A commercial startup measures its success by revenues and profits. How does a Social Startup measure its success?
    • Critique the idea above. What are some of the hypotheses?
    • What would you need beyond the “idea”?

Term Projects Brainstorm

Next week will begin working on the term projects. Between now and then we will be coming up with ideas, writing them up, etc. We will end this class with a round of brainstorming. Please take notes and think about what products you like best.

right now Third round of brainstorming on possible term projects. Collect them on whiteboard and write them down.

What to do this coming week