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Homework due for today

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Note for first day of class: Each day of class has a page on this web site. The first section of that page is always the homework due on that very day. So in other words, the homework listed here is actually 'pre-work' for day one. We will go over this in a little more detail during class.
  1. Read article by Paul Graham about How to get startup ideas and “You can’t teach entrepreneurship” Deliverable: Write a brief reflection on these articles. Focus on what some points that are made that you didn’t understand or agree with; and some that you think are excellent and meaningful. Explain what he means by the ‘schlep factor’. Be subtle. one page max. Post as a pdf to Latte

  2. Read this article: Effective Learning Environment. Think about the questions raised in the article and come up with your answers which we will discuss in class: Identify faculty behaviors that make it difficult for students to learn and get the most out of the experience; and What other students do that interfere.

Opinion Survey

  • Whether you are officially registered or want to be on the wait list
  • Really quickly Fill in Opinion Survey. (This page is protected until the day of class) Obviously this is not graded. The purpose is to help us understand your views Do it now please


  • Introduce Pito, and a little about my own path (see FAQ for Pito Salas)
  • Discuss faculty and student behavoirs that help or hinder learning
  • Discuss Paul Graham’s article - thoughts

About the course

NB The prime source for this course is this web site itself!
  • “What a computer scientist needs to know to be a Chief Technology Officer”
  • “The biggest pitfall amopng computer scientists, hackers, and programmers is to start building a product before they have a clue if anyone actually wants it.”

  • Why are you taking this course? Have you thought about being an entrepreneur?
  • Why do I think the content of this course is important? Why might you find it important and useful? Could this course change your life?

  • How will the whole term work? Course Overview
  • Clarify: The Pilot Project vs. Term Project


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