Business Models (Tue Nov 13, lecture 19)
Intro to the business model canvas

Homework due for today

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1. Teams: Watch this brief video about the Business Model Canvas (by Alexander Osterwalter)

  • This assignment REQUIRES coordination among the team members even though it’s an individual deliverable. Believe me, it works better and quicker if you do it together face to face. But everyone will submit a separate assignment.
  • Watch the video and download and look at the Business Model Canvas Poster. Try to understand really what is meant by the term business model. Think about how that applies to your product. Think about what a business built around it would work. Osterwalter and his colleagues organize the business model space into nine building blocks which suggest a series of questions to think about in each block and start seeing the relationships between them.
  • Divide up the Business Model Canvas ‘building blocks’ among your team. There are nine such blocks on the poster. Each team member must do some more web research on the Osterwalter’s Business Model Canvas to supplement the small summary in the video. Together or separately discuss and brainstorm what goes into each block.
  • Deliverable: Your thoughts about “your block” as it pertains to your teams term project, and response to key questions posed by the Business Model Canvas with respect to your block and your term project, as a pdf. Include your name and assignment

Interesting, but not required reading


Discussion: What did you learn about what a "business model" is? You describe an idea you have and a friend asks you, what's the business model? What is your answer?
  • Teams, sit together
  • Spend 5 minutes looking over your team’s completion of the Business model canvas
  • Each team will then get a turn to presenting the blocks designated below. Present your product’s responses to the questions, and your team’s insights.
    1. Accountable: Key Partners Revenue Streams
    2. Alpha3D: Value Proposition, Cost Structure, Channels
    3. Flank: Customer Relationships, Channels, Revenue Streams
    4. Linkedin for Artists: Value Proposition, Key Partners, Revenue Streams
    5. OffCampus: Key Partners, Customer segments, Revenue Streams
    6. Parallel: Value Proposition, Key Partners, Customer Segments
    7. PicFood: Value Proposition, Key Partners, Revenue Streams
    8. Tutorhub: Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Revenue Streams

Stage review Sessions and Showcase Day

Company and market exercise

Each team takes one of these

  1. Barnes and Nobel Nook
  2. Tesla Motors
  3. Olin College
  4. Apple iTunes
  5. Raspberry Pi
  6. Nest Thermostat
  7. Microsoft X-Box
  8. Makerbot Replicator
  9. Google Android
  10. Pocket Hose (google it)
  • 10 minutes: By numbered team, answer each of these questions
    • what market(s) is this company and/or product in
    • what segment and kind of segment does it compete in
    • what is it’s value proposition is it offering that market
    • how did it attack or enter the market
    • additional observations and/or insights?

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