Homework info

Homework Mechanics

Student Quote "Pay close attention to this. It's not complicated if you do. Still, almost everyone got it wrong the first few times."


  • Every lecture has a lecture number
  • Every assignment has a code, X.Y, where X is the lecture number and Y is the assignment within that lecture
  • The homework due for a particular lecture is always listed at the top of the page for that day.
  • When there is something to hand in it will be marked as a “deliverable”
  • Some homework is designated “Team Deliverable:” which means that a single deliverable is due for the team and all team members get the same mark for it.

Your responsibility

  • You are responsible for reading the lecture’s page before each class.
  • All homework is handed in in Latte.
  • All written reports, reflections, responses should be submitted as PDF and must include your name, team name if appropriate, and course number in the text of the submission.
  • Code and other non-text submissions can be submitted as-is or as a .zip file
  • Unless otherwise specfified, homework is due on class day at class start time.

Automatic deductions

  • If you hand in up to 3 days late we will automatically deduct 20 points.
  • If you don’t hand in homework by the due date and time, it is marked as a zero.
  • If you don’t hand in homework in the right form (e.g. “pdf, with your name and course number in the text”)
  • No exceptions unless pre-agreed in an email by either the Professor or a TA.

Numbering scheme in detail:

  • Homeworks that have an expected deliverable:
    • Will be clearly marked as “deliverable” or “team deliverable”
    • Can be identified by a code, X.Y: X is the lecture number and Y is the homework for this lecture
    • Those are submitted to the appropriate spot in Latte, either as a .pdf (for writing) or as a .zip file
  • To help you navigate, there are the following symbols:
    • : this symbol reminds you that you are to submit a pdf to latte. Anything else will receive a 0.
    • : this symbol tells you that this assignment is graded as “participation only”. You will receive a 100 if you show a good faith effort, without regard to whether your answer is correct. You will receive a zero otherwise
    • : This symbol reminds you that this assignment is due in the morning on the day of class. No late submissions or make ups are accepted.
    • : [Not applicable to Cosi165] This symbol reminds you that this is a coding assignment which you will do inside your portfolio