Homework info

Student Quote "Pay close attention to this. It's not complicated if you do. Still, almost everyone got it wrong the first few times."


  • Every lecture has a lecture number
  • Every assignment has a code, X.Y, where X is the lecture number and Y is the assignment within that lecture
  • The homework due for a particular lecture is always listed at the top of the page for that day.
  • When there is something to hand in it will be marked as a “deliverable”
  • Some homework is designated “Team Deliverable:” which means that a single deliverable is due for the team and all team members get the same mark for it.

Your responsibility

  • You are responsible for reading the lecture’s page before each class.
  • All homework is handed in in Latte.
  • All written reports, reflections, responses should be submitted as PDF and must include your name, team name if appropriate, and course number in the text of the submission.
  • Code and other non-text submissions can be submitted as-is or as a .zip file
  • Unless otherwise specfified, homework is due on class day at class start time.

Automatic deductions

  • If you hand in up to 3 days late we will automatically deduct 20 points.
  • If you don’t hand in homework by the due date and time, it is marked as a zero.
  • If you don’t hand in homework in the right form (e.g. “pdf, with your name and course number in the text”) we will automatically deduct. 20 for no name, and another 20 for not in pdf form.
  • No exceptions unless pre-agreed in an email by either the Professor or a TA.

Participation Only Assignments

Some assigments are marked as “Participation Only” assignments. They allow you to show that you are participating in class, by reading and thinking about the work. Your submissions are not marked for correctness but for participation. We require that you show a sincere good faith effort to respond to the question or prompt to receive a mark of 100. Otherwise you receive a mark of 0. (Non-pdf submissions lose 20 points, and not putting your name and assignment number will lose another 20 points, late submussions lose another 20 points.)

Warmup Assignments

Some Participation assignments are further marked as warmups. They are due at 10am of the day of class with no extension. The reason is that we review your responses before class in order to structure some of the class content based on what we see in the responses. (Similarly, non-pdf submissions lose 20 points, and not putting your name and assignment number will lose another 20 points)

Numbering scheme in detail:

  • Homeworks that have an expected deliverable:
  • Will be clearly marked as “deliverable” or “team deliverable”
  • Can be identified by a code, X.Y: X is the lecture number and Y is the homework for this lecture
  • Those are submitted to the appropriate spot in Latte, either as a .pdf (for writing) or as a .zip file


  • : this symbol reminds you that you are to submit a pdf to latte. Anything else will receive a 0.
  • : this symbol tells you that this assignment is graded as “participation only”. You will receive a 100 if you show a good faith effort, without regard to whether your answer is correct. You will receive a zero otherwise
  • : This symbol reminds you that this assignment is due in the morning on the day of class. No late submissions or make ups are accepted.
  • : [Not applicable to Cosi165] This symbol reminds you that this is a coding assignment which you will do inside your portfolio