Cosi165a Extra Credit

IMPORTANT The deadline for requesting approval for a extra credit assignment is 2 weeks before the last day of class. For example, if you ask to do an extra credit assignment 1 week before the end of the term, I will not approve. If you do an extra credit assignment without approval, it will not be graded and will not count. Note: it's easier to push your grade up by doing well on the core assignments. An excellent job here will bump your grade at most one step (e.g. B+ -> A-)
Ideas for extra credit project
  • Create a Kickstarter or HubRocket (or other) crowdsource campaign for your term project. It is up to you whether you submit it or not. If you do this, be serious about it and do a great job. A video is required.
  • Think about an activity that you are seriously passionate about… It might be a cause, a performing art, some scientific endeavor, a hobby. Consider how exactly you would apply the Lean Startup methodology to increasing your impact and success in that arena.
  • Investigate by reading scholarly papers, or books, or other online resources about entrepreneurship. Some might support others might contradict the philosophies to the Lean Startup. Write an analysis of the conflict and give your own views of whether the conflict is real and serious, and where you come out on it yourself.