Cosi165a Grading Components

  • Class Participation: ~10%: Do you show up on time (or let the teachers know ahead of time if you cannot?) Do you ask good questions, and contribute to the discussion? Do you keep up with hmework? Do you make a good faith effort at responding to all “Participation Only” work? Many times there is a warmup exercise for a reading. Those are only graded based on participation never for correctness. They have to be submitted in the morning of the day of class to even be considered.

  • Team Contribution (based on peer and self assessments) ~10%: Do you contribute personally to your team? Are you a positive influence on productivity? Are you a reliable team member? Do your team mates like working with you? Are you at the center of problems or of solutions?

  • Individual Assignments: ~35%: I will pay attention to whether you are just regurgitating the reading or really engaging with it. So, give a personal perspective or insight, make connections with other readings, your other classes, your own reading and research. Have an interesting point of view. Pay attention to writing good, professional English. Use the tools. Many students find that they benefit from using the Brandeis Writing Center to review first drafts.

  • Team Deliverables: ~20%: How well are the Lean Startup principles understood, documented and applied? Is the result based truly on hypotheses that are tested, getting out of the building, iterating, and getting true and challenging validations? How much did team members engage in the project?

  • Final Term Project: ~25%: How compelling is the final case? Is it based on real evidence? Does the team explain and persuade in their presentation? Am I convinced that this is a real business that will make money and grow? How interesting is the product? What is the quality of writing, organization, clarity, fit and finish of a the final deliverables?