Concierge MVP
Simulate a product or service "by hand"


In a Concierge MVP you are providing a service by having people do the work that in the future you plan to automate. The customer or user is well aware of this. A Concierge MVP is an experience, not a product or service.

A variant of a Concierge MVP is sometimes described as the “Wizard of Oz” MVP. This is when the user is unaware that the service or product is being driven by a person in real time. The product appears to be magically working perfectly but actually there are live operators behind the scene rapidly providing the answers for the end users.

  • Make sure you know what hypothesis you are testing
  • Extremely cheap way to test product or service hypotheses
  • Telling the user/customer that it’s a Wizard of Oz MVP doesn’t hurt the experiment

Examples and Tools

AirBnb Case Study