FAQ for Pito Salas

Mutual Respect

Here are some things about me as a teacher that might be interesting and useful for you to know. I think it might make it easier to understand how I respond and why I say some of the things I say.

  • I care a lot about teaching. It’s an art that I am still mastering and am very committed to. I put a lot of work into organizing a course, preparing for an individual class, and working with students. I feel proud and successful when students tell me that a course or class or experience was valuable for them in their own lives or carreers.

  • I care a lot about-follow up. If I say I will do something and I don’t do it, I feel bad. I expect the same from you. If I make a specific request in person or email, I expect a response. Even if the response is that you can’t meet the request. Leaving me hanging is not good, I will remember and grumpily ask for it again.

  • It’s important to me to feel like you are serious and engaged and trying I know that students take a course for many different reasons. Some see this as their future others think it might be kind of interesting. Some have been playing with computers since high school, and for others they are not sure yet if they even want to be a computer scientist. That’s understood. However what makes me sad is to see or feel that a student for whatever reason is nt seriously trying their best, that they don’t give a ‘hoot’.

  • I care a lot about maturity and ‘professionalism.’ I work hard (really) at this and I expect you to do the same. We treat each other with respect not because I am the teacher and you are the student, but because we value the effort that each other is bringing to the experience. No one is forcing either of us to be here.

  • I am very available to you. Maybe more than you realize. My email is pitosalas@gmail.com and you will get a response very quickly. You also have my personal cell phone number. If you are ever unsure about anything, please ask: in person, or over email. I hope no one is ever nervous or unhappy because they don’t feel they understand what is going on, what is expected from them or some material.

  • There are a lot of ways that I can help you. Please take advantage of them. I can help you understand stuff, decide what matters to learn, how to plan your work, I know a lot of people in a lot of disciplines who want to help students like you. Don’t miss the opportunity.

If something in this doesn’t make sense to you or sounds odd, please let’s talk about it!